BioTechPark Freiburg

The BioTechPark Freiburg is an ideal location for new and established companies engaged in biotechnology, microsystems technology, medicine technology, pharmacy and related fields.

Closely connected to the University of Freiburg, one of Germany’s top universities, the BioTechPark Freiburg forms the center of the BioRegion Freiburg. Its responsible body is the Technology Foundation BioMed Freiburg, which is a union based on scientific, economical and political interests, and at the same time functions as the central coordination unit of the BioRegio Freiburg.

The BioRegion Freiburg is an attractive and dynamic region, offering a high quality of life and an excellent and varied company and research landscape. Situated in the border triangle of Germany, France and Switzerland, the BioRegion Freiburg is a partner of the tri-national BioValley network, which bundles the biotechnological potential of the centres Freiburg (D), Basel (CH) and Strasbourg (F), creating a world famous biotechnological site.